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2007 Exchange Autodiscover Issues

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  • 2007 Exchange Autodiscover Issues

    I have setup network for testing the upcoming office 365 migration from our on-premise Exchange 2007 server. I thought I had cleaned up the report in the remote connectivity analyzer enough to create migration batches to the cloud but apparently not. I created and imported a 90 day trail ssl cert from Comodo and have the autodiscover, mail server , internal and external names added. I must be missing something and I realized that I am getting similar test results from our production site. There must be a setting I am missing but I am running out of troubleshooting ideas. I have posted screen shots below of the errors I am receiving with the testing and migration batch setup. Autodiscover fails in the batch setup so it tries the settings for RPC over http and those are still failing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Re: 2007 Exchange Autodiscover Issues

    It seems I passed the Analyzer test with autodiscover and from what I have read, you only have to pass one of the 4 tests.


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      Re: 2007 Exchange Autodiscover Issues

      Never mind, fixed it. Seems I had to be more granular on the batch rpc over http settings and choose basic authentication. I also was getting the analyzer errors for rpc connection that I fixed by disabling ip6 and adding a reg key. That alowed the batch creation and it started syncing to the cloud correctly after that.