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Public Folder/Favorites/Outlook issue

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  • Public Folder/Favorites/Outlook issue

    I originally thought this was an outlook issue, but it is happening for all my users, with multiple versions of outlook, from multiple systems per user.

    Primarily using outlook 2010/2013
    Exchange 2010 SP3 with update rollup 4 installed

    When a user goes into public folders, they can find the public folder calendar they want, right click, and add to favorites. At that point, it shows up under "Other Calendars" in outlook. Seems like all is well. Calendar works, they can do whatever they need, etc.

    The close outlook, and reopen it. Calendar no longer exists under "Other Calendars". user is able to re-add it, and all is well again... until the next time they close outlook and re-open it.

    tried renaming the "outlook" folder under /user/local/microsoft/.. as well as /user/roaming/microsoft, thus forcing outlook to recreate those folders/files. No change.

    If I delete the oulook profile and recreate it, then the first time outlook opens, it works. the calendars are there. then close it, reopen, and they are gone again.

    If I open outlook by doing this: "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane" then it works, but only if I use that switch. If I try without the switch, then the calendars are not there under "Other Calendars"

    Seems to be affecting all users, from multiple systems per user.

    Maybe something with outlook corrupting the outlook.xml file every time it closes?

    Have also tried uninstalling and re-installing outlook, which did not help.

    Also worth noting that this seems to have started shortly after the RU4 update on the exchange servers

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    Re: Public Folder/Favorites/Outlook issue

    Also worth noting that if I add a calendar to outlook from my sharepoint site, it does stay when I close and re-open outlook.

    It is only the public folder calendars that have this issue


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      I'm having the same issue using Exchange 2010 SP3 and Outlook 2010/2013. Sharepoint calendars work fine. Public Folder favorites disappear when you click on them. Did you ever find a solution to this?