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Anonymous SMTP issue

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  • Anonymous SMTP issue

    Our company hosts a lot of servers that have applications that send email out to users. Last week I upgraded our exchange server from 2003 to 2010.

    I have set up the send connectors for each server. But when I look at the queue viewer some of the domains are rejecting the mail due to a bad RDNS. Each of the servers that host the applications has its own public IP address. That is the address that is being sent out I am guessing in the header.

    In the send relay I have set the FQDN of our mail server. But they are still rejecting due to bad RDNS.

    I am stuck at this point in time and I am turning to you all for any direction or advice.

    My relay is set up to use external security in the authentication tab and in the permissions group anonymous and exchange servers are checked.
    I donít know is I need to set anything else.


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    Re: Anonymous SMTP issue


    Have you create a SPF (sender policy framework) record in your DNS server!!!!

    Good Luck!


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      Re: Anonymous SMTP issue

      An SPF record isn't going to help here.

      You said the servers have their own external IP address.
      Why aren't they sending email directly?

      Not really sure what you mean by having a Send Connector for each server - or how you have tried to achieve that, because it isn't possible natively to have Send Connectors configured in that way.

      If you want those servers to send email via your Exchange server, then you need a Receive Connector to allow them to relay email through the server. Once they hit the server they will go out to the internet in the same way as all other email - using the main Send Connector. Having multiple Send Connectors isn't going to help.

      One external IP address, with the correct NAT configured so that the traffic is appearing to come from the correct address, which has a valid PTR and the FQDN on the Send Connector matches the PTR.

      Don't try and overcomplicate it.

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