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  • Remove legacy servers error -

    Hello forum, new member as of today !

    I have searched and searched on this forum and google but cannot seem to find the answer to this problem.

    I have an Exchange 2010 server working along side Exchange 2003. All mailboxes, public folders etc have been migrated and the only reason i havent removed the 2003 box is due to a core application not being compatable with Exchange 2010 yet.

    I have created a new address list on the 2010 box but cannot add any contacts to it because when i choose the OU in AD that holds these contacts, i get the "You cannot specify the recipient contanier becaus legacy servers are detected".

    Does anyone know how i get round that? I know if the 2003 box was decommissioned completely i could run ADSI and remove it from the config list which is the normal fix for this error but i am still using this legacy server.

    Any ideas greatfully received as im pulling my hair out.


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    Re: Remove legacy servers error -

    I don't believe you can create an address list pointing to an OU until you have decommissioned the 2003 server, which by the sounds of it, you can't do at the moment.