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Sender ID and Spam with Load Balancer

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  • Sender ID and Spam with Load Balancer

    Is it possible to tell exchange to look further down the email headers so that it catches spam? We have a load balancer in place and it's adding another hop which appears to be causing spam to get through.

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    Re: Sender ID and Spam with Load Balancer

    Well it appears all the mail coming in has an SCL rating of -1. Anyone have experience with this?


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      Re: Sender ID and Spam with Load Balancer

      You should get the load balancer to do transparency, so that Exchange sees the original sending IP address, or you have to do the filtering before Exchange.

      -1 SCL means that the message is considered to be internal. Could be that you have a rule to do that for internal messages? If you haven't got transparency setup then Exchange will see the email coming from the load balancer, which is an internal IP address.

      SCL of -1 I have also seen set by third party applications.

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