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  • exchange 2010 outlook connect

    hello to all,
    i am having a strange problem with my DAG.i have a 3 member DAG.the exchange1 is down and i cant connect to outlook because of that. there is no client access array configured.
    every member has the same roles.
    when i am trying to create a new account at outlook it seems that it connects to exchange1,it gets every information but exchange 1 is down.where can i change it to work with the other exchange?it gets that automatically through active directory.
    when i try to edit manually the entry which exchange to use it doesnt cant connect.

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    Re: exchange 2010 outlook connect

    You need the Client Access server/array if you want to have failover.

    Outlook gets configured with the CAS array address and then the CAS server will redirect to the available Exchange server.

    You can imagine if Outlook is connected directly to a database server, then if that database server is down it will not be able to reconfigure its MAPI profile automatically to point to a new server.


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      Re: exchange 2010 outlook connect

      That is the expected behaviour unfortunately.
      The DAG only protects the databases, it does nothing for the client access function.
      All clients connect to the client access role.

      If you want high availability for the CAS role as well, then you will need to configure an RPC CAS Array and have a hardware load balancer in front.
      Furthermore for the clients to use the CAS Array address instead, they will need to be touched manually, and have their profile repaired. It isn't something that deployed automatically.

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