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Problems with Outlook over RPC

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  • Problems with Outlook over RPC

    A client needed setting up Outlook (2007) profile so they can connect to other's company exchange server where they have their accounts. Since the IT of that company have no access to DNS autodiscover isn't set up so I requested local server name to be able to set the accounts up. I installed the ssl certificate first (or at lease I believe I installed in as I received "installed successfully message") getting it from their OWA and then set one profile up. There are some hiccups like when I chose the new profile I get prompted for the username and password for that account but then I get another window asking for logon credentials for another Exchange account the's set up in a separate profile and a message box saying "server busy". Regardless Outlook over RPC works on that machine. On another one however it doesn't. Both are Windows XP with Outlook 2007. The problems with the other PC is that when I'm setting the account up and get to the point where I get prompted for credentials the server name in the Connect to window is the external fqdn rather than the local server name as in case of the other PC. Any idea what would be causing this behaviour?

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    Re: Problems with Outlook over RPC

    Hi, I may consider a different approach if the server has outlook anywhere configured.
    Step 2 Configure Outlook for Outlook Anywhere in the below link shows you how to do it.
    But one thing to consider that if they were setup in this way they may still have to change their passwords each month unless configured otherwise.
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      Re: Problems with Outlook over RPC

      Thanks mate. Problem is I have no control over that other Exchange server and I have no way of forcing that company to make any modifications. Only thing I know is the details they sent me are correct as I checked OWA and run through testexchangeconnectivity or whatever it's called now. Yet, for some reason it works on one PC just fine but not on the other. My gut feeling is it has something to do with the certificate but not sure what to check. It's a GoDaddy certificate so the problems linked to using self-signed do not apply in this scenario.