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Exchange 2013 email alias issue

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  • Exchange 2013 email alias issue

    So I have Exchange 2013 setup. I have several aliases that I need to setup, but realized the email aliases are not forwarding to the external users emails (, I just did a test with my and email account.

    Here is what I am doing. In Exchange Admin Center, click on the mailbox. Click on email address. Add the and select Email address type: SMTP
    Then I try to send to, but I am not receiving the email. I tried with my account and same issue. The email goes through to the email address for the local domain, but not any external emails.

    I did not create a contact for my email, but in the past I've never had to with Exchange 2010. Is there some configuration I need to do for Exchange 2013?

    I don't get a bounce back, since the email goes through to the local domain email address.

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    Re: Exchange 2013 email alias issue

    Huh? Exchange never worked that way that I know of. Ever since I've been using Exchange (started on 2003) you needed to create contacts to forward to external email accounts.

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      Re: Exchange 2013 email alias issue

      Whatever you did before was wrong, and if it was working for you in the past then either your server was setup incorrectly or you did something else and that configuration had nothing to do with it.

      You don't put external email addresses on internal users. By putting the email address on an internal account, you are telling Exchange that is the destination for the email, not to send it to an external address.

      If you want to forward email from your Exchange mailbox to an external account then you need to do that on the mail flow properties of the mailbox. However doing so rather defeats the point of having Exchange.

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