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Exchange 2010 Dag Space Problem

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  • Exchange 2010 Dag Space Problem

    Running 2 Exchange 2010 no service pack boxes in a dag environment. Currently having a huge space issue *Catalog data folder is taking up 10 gb?? *Is it possible to defrag to reclaim white space but in a dag i heard of problems Any other ideas clues

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    Re: Exchange 2010 Dag Space Problem

    1. I don't see how defragging the database would have any effect on the size of the Catalog.

    2. So what if the Catalog is 10GB. How is that a problem?

    3. Make sure you have adequate disk space. If you don't then add some.

    4. If your car tire is low do you remove the engine to lighten the load? No, you fill up the tire.


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      Re: Exchange 2010 Dag Space Problem

      Exchange 2010 RTM is no longer supported. It wasn't even a finished product at that point. I would suggest upgrading to Exchange 2010 SP3 with the latest rollup, then recreate the search index files.

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