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  • multiple w3wp.exe

    the 6GB memory of the exchange server is almost consumed (95%). checking on the task manager, it shows that there are multiple instances of w3wp.exe. then the system slows down tremendously.

    exchange 2013 in running in windows 2008 r2 server.

    any solution?

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    Re: multiple w3wp.exe

    you could tune the IIS Application pools, however I'd be very very cautious.

    Exchange by default will take as much memory as it can. Within Exchange (and, indeed, other IIS sites) there are a number of elements - whether they be virtualdirs or individual sites. It's common practice for these to run under their own Application Pool to try and reduce the possibility of one rogue application taking the whole lot down.

    You can check with actual w3svc processes relate to which application pool - the command use to be "iisapp" but it's changed now:

    each application pool is configured by default to recycle itself when certain thresholds are met - whether this is memory use, a certain run-time or any number of other options.[

    before you change it, ensure you know 100% what the change would do..
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      Re: multiple w3wp.exe

      Is this a Client Access server or a Mailbox/Multirole server? The first only requires 4GB RAM, but the Mailbox role or a combined Client Access with Mailbox role requires a minimum of 8GB. See: Exchange 2013 System Requirements

      Depending you situation (# of users for one) you will probably need even more memory. Have you used the Role requirements calculator for Exchange 2013?


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        Re: multiple w3wp.exe

        yes its a client access/mailbox. i will go first with adding memory.. i will keep you posted on the results