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Ask for Identity Parameter

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  • Ask for Identity Parameter


    I have this script from an article

    Get-MailboxStatistics | where {$_.ObjectClass –eq “Standard Users Mailbox Database”} | Sort-Object TotalItemSize –Descending | ft @{label=”User”;expression={$_.DisplayName}},@{label=”Total Size (MB)”;expression={$_.TotalItemSize.Value.ToMB()}},@{label=”Items”;expression={$_.ItemCount}},@{label=”Storage Limit”;expression={$_.StorageLimitStatus}} -auto
    When I run is I am asked for the following parameters


    What I was expecting was an output of All the users in the Standard Users Mailbox Database on my server as the article suggests I should. This is Exchange 2010 SP1

    What should input at the prompt to return all users or how can I modify the above to do that?


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    Re: Ask for Identity Parameter

    Exchange 2010 Sp1 is very old and no longer supported. You should upgrade to Exchange 2010 Sp3 with the latest rollup to stay current.

    The command you have doesn't include any parameter for mailboxes.

    Therefore include

    get-mailbox |

    in front or get-casmailbox.

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      Re: Ask for Identity Parameter

      Thanks for the info, I'll look at SP3 and upgrade as long as everything looks OK it seems a major upgrade and takes the mailstores offline so I'll have to allow for some downtime, best trim the mailboxes a bit first as they are large - that's actually why I wanted to see the sizes of all users - catch22, still I will go through them manually and reduce the size of the bigger ones.


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        Re: Ask for Identity Parameter

        SP3 is a major milestone, but as long as your environment is otherwise healthy, there should be no major concerns.

        apply the patch late on a weeknight or early on a weekmorning, or have it done over the weekend. just notify the staff that your exchange server will be offline for 4 hours (it shouldn't take that long).
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