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EMail Server for intranet & VPN

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  • EMail Server for intranet & VPN

    Dear All,

    I don't know if this scenario which i am going to talk about can be implemented. I request seniors to throw some light on the same.

    My company has taken a domain along with email hosting from a web-hosting company. We use the following to access the mails:
    1. Web interface given by the hosting company
    2. Thunderbird
    3. Roundcube hosted on my local server (in intranet, accessible over the internet vide VPN and Dynamic DNS).

    There are some issues with email server provided by my hosting company. However the main problem is that they give only 2 GB data storage for each email id. My users due to their nature of work are required to hold mails beyond 2 GB limit.

    Hence we have propose the following:

    We would like to implement a system/software, where the complete mailbox including any new mails that arrive in the mail box at the hosting server is downloaded and copied to the local server (mail box shall be created at the local server). In the local server, the software shall act as email server which will allow users to access the mailbox in any ways they wish. If possible the email shall be sent by this software itself through the smtp server of the email hosting server.

    Pl advice on how this can be achieved and if there is any software which can accomplish the same.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Re: EMail Server for intranet & VPN

    Any internal email server will allow you to do that. Exchange, SmarterMail, etc.
    Most of them will allow larger mailbox sizes.

    Usually you would have email delivered directly to your own server, rather than trying to extract it from the server provided by the hosting company. Just because they have given it to you, doesn't mean you have to use it. That would mean getting the DNS records changed.

    However if you have never setup an Exchange or other email server before I would strongly recommend getting a consultant in to assist. Doing it right can be complex.

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