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  • new-inboxrule server-side rule

    Hello Group:

    I am trying to create a server-side rule on a user's mailbox to forward a copy of an incoming e-mail to an external recipient if the incoming e-mail is from a specific sender. This is what I have but I do not know how to trigger the rule with the address of the incoming e-mail. Can anyone offer assistance?

    If e-mail from arrives in the mailbox of sbradley, forward aa copy to [email protected]

    new-inboxrule -name "Locates Move" -mailbox "sbradley" -ForwardTo SMTP:[email protected]

    Have also tried:

    new-inboxrule -name "Locates Move" -mailbox "sbradley" -ForwardTo SMTP:[email protected] -FromAddressContainsWords '[email protected]'

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: new-inboxrule server-side rule

    Hi !

    This task can be easily accomplish using following options in exchange server 2010

    1) transport rule under organization tab --> hub transport-->transport rule
    2) distribution group under recipient configuration

    good luck!



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      Re: new-inboxrule server-side rule

      Thanks majeed. I have set up a rule in Hub Transport and will sit back and see what happens tomorrow when the customer is open for business.
      Network Engineers do IT under the desk