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How to define an internal smtp connector

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  • How to define an internal smtp connector

    We have Exchange 2010, I'm tasked to route all emails of a specific email address to internal smtp server (another windows server with SMTP installed, the purpose it to use SharePoint incoming email).
    I've read this Petri article which resonate with me though I'm still struggling with the following points:
    1. Can I route emails of a specific address or only per domain - assuming our domain is, when I define the connector address space, can I route all emails of a single address "[email protected]" or must I define sub-domain ""?
    2. If I must define a subdomain, "", how come exchange knows where to forward the emails - should I add "" to our DNS servers or can I tell Exchange "when you see the address to transfer it to this ip 192.xxxxx"?

    Thanks a lot,
    Yonatan Goldberg

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    Re: How to define an internal smtp connector

    Exchange Send Connectors only work at the domain level and work on the recipient, not the sender.
    If you configure it to use a smart host, then it doesn't need any DNS records at all.

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      Re: How to define an internal smtp connector

      Simon, thanks a lot.