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Relaying/routing emails to internal SMTP (SharePoint)

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  • Relaying/routing emails to internal SMTP (SharePoint)

    I'm tasked to relay/route emails from Exchange to other internal SMTP (SharePoint incoming emails) and would appreciate your advice on the following considerations:

    1. I read this great Petri article:

    Want to ensure the following - when I create a send connector in EX, the 'address sapce' is the emails domain (e.g. [email protected] for which I want to route the corresponding emails.
    Is this correct?

    2. When configuring the SharePoint smtp service, must I choose a different domain (add prefix) from the Exchange domain? for example, if the organization mailboxes have the domain "", can I also configure the SMTP domain "" or should I add a prefix ""?
    Using the same domain name will benefit the end users with same familiar domain name but it might challenge EX/SMTP in sharing the same domain.
    Would love to hear your recommendation in this regard.

    3. Isn't it better to omit the obsolete SMTP service from the solution and rely on EX only?
    SharePoint can pick emails from physical folder, should Exchange can relay emails to a network location it will allow to avoid using the 'obsolete' iis6 SMTP service which is not as stable as EX (my assumption due to the fact that it's not maintained anymore).
    Does it also resonate with you?

    Appreciate your support, thanks,
    Yoni G
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    Re: Relaying/routing emails to internal SMTP (SharePoint)

    Follow the guide basically.

    You will have to use a prefix as per the guide as your exchange org will be authoritative for your mail domain.

    What you could do is create a contact for Sharepoint bound email so that the end user uses yours normal domain (i.e. [email protected]) but then it is forwarded to your prefixed domain setup in the send connector (i.e. [email protected])

    Out bound email from Sharepoint can also be sent from your standard domain providing your receive-connectors allow so, this way users will not see any of the @prefix.

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      Re: Relaying/routing emails to internal SMTP (SharePoint)

      And unless there is a new feature I'm not aware of or have missed in the last 13+ years (quite possible! LOL), then Exchange can't forward mail to a folder\network share.

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