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Very high cpu w3wp.exe

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  • Very high cpu w3wp.exe

    New problem. Win2k3 and 8 servers, one exch server, 2007 st. ed on a wink3 server.

    Experiencing very high CPU wit W3WP.exe spiking up big time. A few years ago I built the server properly but since 2008 we have grown big time.

    Logs files on their own drives

    Databases also on their own drives

    but I had to move a few databases into the Log drive because of space so now I high CPU and the constant shrinking HDD space.

    I placed a trouble call with MS so they should be contacting me soon.

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    Re: Very high cpu w3wp.exe

    well according to MS Tech's (two) the CPU isn't really running high, running steady at 40-61% with w3wp.exe steady at the top.

    In IIS under app pools, if I recycle MSExhangeSyncAppPool the CPU drops.

    with so many Iphones and other devices guess that will run at a normal rate.


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      Re: Very high cpu w3wp.exe

      Install the Update Rollup 11 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 3 (KB2873746)

      it will solve the problem