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Complex Exchange/Active Directory Migration, need guidance.

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  • Complex Exchange/Active Directory Migration, need guidance.

    Hi There,

    This might be a bit convoluted, so I appreciate anyone who can read through, understand and help out on this:

    My current setup is as follows:

    Internal Domain:
    External Site/Company Name:
    I want to change the setup of this by having the name change to The is reference to our former company name (over 10 years ago) and I have been tasked to bring this all into line. So far, I have successfully managed to set up ADMT and migrate a user from to, and translate their profile.

    My question comes with the application and transition of Exchange. Currently, my live mailserver is I have a second Exchange server, built and named, sitting on my new domain. I need to be able to migrate users over in a controlled fashion from to, move the mailboxes, and for mail still to route correctly (as this has to be a controlled migration).

    I am basically asking for guidance on how I can configure Exchange to have say [email protected] (hosted on to migrate this mailbox to, and for email to still be able to route through and deliver to the new mailserver, despite the MX records remaining pointing to

    I hope that makes sense, and any and all help is appreciated.


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    Re: Complex Exchange/Active Directory Migration, need guidance.

    You are sharing the SMTP address space.

    That just requires some configuration of Exchange:

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