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  • Exchange CAS Aray in new site

    Hi Experts

    I am setting up an Exchange 2010 DR envirnment i have 1. Primary Site and 2. DR site

    Environment: Hyper-V

    Primary Site with lease line
    2 hub and cas servers with NLB (FQDN :
    2 Mail box servers with 2 DB each with DAG.
    1 AD and 1 ADC

    DR Site with lease line
    One Multi-role exchange server and it will host all the passive databases.
    one ADC
    No load balancer

    VPN connectivity between two sites
    MX record point to IP of my primary site
    secondary MX record pointing to my DR site

    My question is in the primary site I have CAS array and FQDN with which my clients connect. Suppose if my primary site is down all mails will reach the DR site.
    1. how will my users connect to the mailboxes (outlook or owa) as my primary site cas array FQDN ( is down.

    2. How do I manually change the user access?

    3. what needs to be done while configuring my DR site exchange?

    Please find the attached n/w diagram

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    Re: Exchange CAS Aray in new site

    If the clients are using the CAS array address internally then you just change the internal DNS entry for the CAS Array to point to the second site.
    Note that the CAS Array address should be unique and internal only. It should only be used for MAPI traffic and therefore does not need to be in the SSL certificate.

    Externally you would need to have a unique host name for the second site, or you will need to change the DNS entry to point there. Having the TTL time set quite low can help with that as the change will go live quicker.

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