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Issues with Fortinet VIOP voiceemail and Exchange server.

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  • Issues with Fortinet VIOP voiceemail and Exchange server.

    My company just started using Fortinet VIOP solutions. Their VOIP system has the ability to send voice email. It is a two part process using SMTP and POP3 protocals. Unfortunately I have found out that Fortinet does not officially support Exchange server. I was able to get the SMTP part working by telling Exchange that anything from the Fortinet PBX was already secure essentially white listing it. This enables the PBX to email the voice mail to the mailbox, but does not allow the second part of the functionality which allows you to delete the voice mail from your voice mail box. This second part is ran through POP3. Fortinet support informed me that their POP3 functionality uses plain and SSL authentication. I have attempted to configure the POP3 connector with basic and ssl authentication, and I also attempted to configure with basic with tsl authentication but it always fails the connection test on the PBX. The Fortinet rep I spoke to said that their plain authentication may not be compatible with Exchanges basic authentication. Has anyone had experience with this issue? I am currently trying to get this functionality to work with a Microsoft Windows SBS 2008r2 system.

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    Re: Issues with Fortinet VIOP voiceemail and Exchange server.

    you don't need the pop3 connector.

    you need the microosft exchange pop3 service, which is enabled by default.

    test out pop3 and work out what settings you need for it to work..
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