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Exchange 2007 CCR - Single point of Failure

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  • Exchange 2007 CCR - Single point of Failure


    I am trying to set up a scenario which consists of thre servers:

    -Two mailboxes clustered servers.

    -One with two roles: TRansport Hub and Client Access, and with the File Share acting as a node.

    Isn't this last server where I place the File share a single point of failure?.

    I mean, we have replication due to CCR, but if the server that have the File share goes down, then, it would be difficult not having a severe downtime?

    Thanks in advance!
    Madrid (Spain).

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    Re: Exchange 2007 CCR - Single point of Failure

    The FSW is only used if one of the servers goes down, as it sorts out which one becomes active. Therefore if the server that holds the FSW was to fail, then as long as neither of the CCR members fails, Exchange will stay up. You just need to configure a new FSW.

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      Re: Exchange 2007 CCR - Single point of Failure

      I see. That sounds great!. I should have read about that, sorry.

      I received some advice about setting up a CCR Exchange 2007 rather than a SCC, I read it in many places.

      But I am thinking now...Does your nice reply apply to the SCC Exchange 2007 where there is a SAN Device ? , (with many RAID Disks, but still it is only one device).

      Maybe that is why it is calle "Majority...." ?.

      Indeed I have to read further about this.
      Madrid (Spain).