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cert error

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  • cert error

    I have just upgrade my cert on my exchange 2010 and this annoying error message keep coming up and tell me that my domainname on the cert does not match with the server. **this error message only comes up on the local machines if you login outside of the lan network it work fine no error.

    Here is what I did

    I replace the local cert site with a new UC certificate I purchase from godaddy, I tried to I try to include the local server name on the cert but it refuse to take these name so I could do only

    how can I get this message disappear?


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    Re: cert error

    Add a dummy zone to your internal DNS setup with the external name of the Exchange server ("") and create a default host record pointing to the internal IP address of the server.

    Then change the internalURL pointers so they point to the external name, as described here (and lots of other places too). As the service URL will match the name on the certificate, the error messages should cease.


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      Re: cert error

      You need to modify Exchange to use the external name internally. Common change which I have documented here:

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