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Failed to transfer mailbox from 2003 to 2010

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  • Failed to transfer mailbox from 2003 to 2010

    I am migrating a set of mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. All of the mailboxes transferred fine except for one. It completes with errors. The error given by EMC is:

    Warning: Failed to cleanup the source mailbox after the move.
    Error details: MapiExceptionNotFound: Unable to delete mailbox. (hr=0x8004010f, ec=-2147221233)

    When I try to use exmerge to just create a PST backup of the mailbox, it also fails with the message:

    [14:59:54] Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d)
    [14:59:54] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for mailbox 'User One' ('USER1').

    I am working from the Domain Administrator account and it has the correct privileges - as I said, all other mailboxes transferred fine.

    So, my guess is that there is something wrong specifically with this mailbox. How do I find/fix this?


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    Re: Failed to transfer mailbox from 2003 to 2010

    Primary reason for this failure is permission inheritance has been disabled, so you don't have the permissions you think you do. In ADUC, ensure that permission inheritnace is enabled.

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