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Permissions after mail import

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  • Permissions after mail import

    Hi there,

    We recently migrated a company from their domain to ours.
    They had an Exchange 2003 server. We are using an Exchange 2010 server.

    On the 2003 server I used ExMerge to export all their mailboxes.
    I copied all the PST's on our new mailserver and imported all the PST's to their respective new mailboxes.

    For the import I used the powershell command "New-MailboxImportRequest".

    Everything went fine. The only problem we now have is with the calendar.
    I think something went wrong with the permissions.

    Whenever a user tried to change or delete a meeting that was already in the calendar they get an Access Denied warning.

    The message is:
    "You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user."

    This happens mostly with recurring items and when there are other people invited.

    I tried giving the user full access to their own mailbox, tried giving permission on every folder seperately, ...

    Is there an easy way to take ownership on the calendar items or is there another solution?

    Thanks in advance!