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Departmental account certificate to send encrypted messages

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  • Departmental account certificate to send encrypted messages

    Hello all
    in my company, Exchange 2010 is installed.
    Every user has his own Certificate which is hosted in a smartcard. The smartcard certificate is read anytime a user logs in and encrypts/signs an email message.

    Now, there are some offices which uses an office account: any employee of this office, has its oulook configured to see and to send email as personal account and office account.
    We want all the email messages to be encrypted, and up to now this can be done only for personal accounts, because there's no certificate for the office account.
    What do you suggest to do? I'd like to find a solution which is both secure and usable.
    - create a certificate for the office account and put it into the smartcard? This will require a burden related to the fact that a people can change his office, so the smartcard should be rewritten with a new certificate.
    - since we have personal certificate on any smartcard, we'd like to keep a similar security level, meaning that a certificate stored on the PC is not a solution

    I know there are too many constraints, but maybe some of you already face this need before.

    Thanks to all who will reply