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Existing 2010 Exchange moving to total new enviroment

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  • Existing 2010 Exchange moving to total new enviroment


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    Here is my issue, I have an exist Exchange 2010 environment (single server SP1) that runs Mailbox, Hub Transport and Client Access roles. All on a physical server. Here is what I like to do:
    1) Create a 2 new Exchange environment.(Physical)
    2) Setup DAG
    3) Create a new CAS and HUB (either add it when steps one and two are complete or create the CAS and HUB on a totally separate server)
    4) Move the exist mailbox to new environment.
    5) Prepare for 365 cloud and on premise environment
    I am kind of nervous to touch the existing environment since there only 1 physical server and if a mistake is made I still have the other two (NEW) to fall back on . Anyone with this experience or any bottlenecks I maybe facing if I were to create this environment? Thanks again.
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    Re: Existing 2010 Exchange moving to total new enviroment

    If you don't have an RPC CAS Array in place then that is going to be your biggest headache. You need to touch every workstation to get them to use it.

    Otherwise a migration to a new platform is very troublefree in most cases. At no point is the data at risk.

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