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Failed SP3 upgrades

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  • Failed SP3 upgrades

    I have done a number of SP3 upgrades for clients and four have failed with the following error. All are SBS 2011 and failed as follows:

    Client Access Role

    Could not find file 'C:\Windows\Temp\ExchangeSetup\bin\EnterpriseServi ceEndpointsConfig.xml'.

    Elapsed Time: 00:00:00

    Mailbox Role

    Management Tools

    Finalizing Setup
    I tried to re-run the service pack on all servers, on three servers I closed setup completely and attempted to re-open whilst on one I re-ran without closing. The latter one is now completing setup successfully.

    The three that closed now reckon that the service pack is installed and will not re-run any part leaving me with half upgraded systems.

    I read something about removing a watermark key from the registry and rebooting but that has not made any difference.

    Anyone know how I can get setup to rerun and complete the last few roles?

    Edit: Forgot to mention all Exchange services can be started manually after the failed upgrade but I haven't had a chance to test everything out fully
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    Re: Failed SP3 upgrades

    For anyone else coming across the same problem, the solution is to run an unattended install - this bypasses the setup GUI that only offers you the ability to add roles:

    Ensure you have rebooted after the failed upgrade then from an administrative command prompt change to the folder containing the service pack and run: /M:Upgrade /InstallWindowsComponents

    This worked fine for two out of the three remaining servers.

    I am now left with one server that won't run the unattended install, it just drops back to the console quickly when it gets to "Copying Setup Files".

    Edit: Another reboot cleared that one
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      Re: Failed SP3 upgrades

      Well done for finding a solution, but you seem to have some underlying problem. I have done several SBS2011 upgrades to Exchange SP3 and, apart from a warning about cluster prerequisites that can be bypassed since no DAGs are involved, have had no issues at all with running the setup in GUI mode.

      Have you tried re-downloading the SP3 installation files and trying again?
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        Re: Failed SP3 upgrades

        I think I may have sussed what caused the problem. The upgrade tasks were left running overnight.

        Our servers have scheduled tasks including a cleanup of temporary folders so my best guess is that the task ran and cleared out the temporary folder before the Exchange setup had completed hence not being able to find the file.