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Exchange 2007 - Digitally signed email

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  • Exchange 2007 - Digitally signed email

    I am developing a windows service that is using a functional username(username without a mailbox with permissions Send As and Full Access to a MB), to send e-mails from a certain mailbox. That's working ok, but now I need to send the e-mail digitally signed.

    Is it possible to import the .pfx "server side", so that all e-mails sent by that mailbox are signed without having to code anything extra on my side?

    I'm using EWS managed API to send e-mails.

    thank you

    Edit: Exhange 2007 sp1, sorry.
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    Re: Exchange 2007 - Digitally signed email

    Signing the email is a client side thing, and if you are doing it on the server that is too late. You will have to do it before the email goes to the server.

    Exchange 2007 SP1 is VERY VERY old, I suggest you update the server to Exchange 2007 SP3 rollup 10. SP1 isn't even supported any longer.

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