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Send from multiple domains Exchange 2007

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  • Send from multiple domains Exchange 2007


    I have a query.

    My company has used exchange 2007 for a while now to send and recieve to one domain.

    We recently expanded and would like to send and recieve from two seperate domains.

    For example our main domain is, and our second domain is

    We can recieve email from, however if we try to send as an email from this domain i get the NDR message saying i do not have permission to send from this address.

    How do i then give an account send as permission for a different domain?

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    Re: Send from multiple domains Exchange 2007

    As far as Exchange is concerned, you have one email address - the primary. All others are just aliases for inbound email only. It is not possible to send as another address on the account.

    If you want to send email as the second domain then the usual method is to configure a second account and mailbox. That doesn't require additional CALs. Set the primary account with full mailbox and send as permissions.

    If you are using Outlook 2010 then configure the account as an additional ACCOUNT (using the new account wizard) and then you can choose which address the email is going from. Seperate inbox, sent items and signatures will also be maintained making it easy to know which is which.

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