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  • OWA on a diferent port


    I'm new on this forum and I have a problem that I can't find a easy solution.

    I have a company using a router and a exchange 2010 server.

    Behind the router there's a lot of servers running (VPN, Exchange, etc) that need to be acessed from external.

    The VPN uses port 443.
    The Exchange (OWA) uses 443.
    The router only can foward 443 once.

    Now I need to configure OWA for mobile devices (iOS and Android), as well as OWA via browser.

    For iOS devices I configure router to listen port 444 and redirect to port 443 of exchange server. Then I put the server name on device as externalIP:444 ( and it works fine.

    Now I'm facing problems configuring on Android system and also on browser, because I can't use the IP address and port but must use an fqdn (

    Can I change the default port for OWA or create a 2nd OWA that uses a port diferent than 443 only for external mobile access?


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    Re: OWA on a diferent port

    mmmm. this is kinda tricky. i have done this myself on several occasions, and some of them worked, some didnt. due to that, i came to the conclusion that exchange works best when using the default ports. if it works differently, great! if not, nobody will help you because it falls outside of windows best practices. so take the following with a grain of salt... if it dont work, i told ya so. if it does, gimme karma!

    im gonna say your using NAT on your network? if so, then log onto your router that handles the NAT and ports and such. set the external port to say, port 6002 will go to your exchange box and the port 443.

    now, on the exchange box, go to IIS and select the default website. set the HTTPS port to 6002. now you should use either cmd prompt or services to restart IIS...

    open EMC, click 'server configuration'->'client access' and choose the server in the top and then open the OWA properties in the bottom. make the external URL https://myexchange:6002/owa

    and thats all there is to it, but like i said, it might not work. in the instances where i =found it not to work, i found it easier to let exchange to use what its supposed to and adjust other things. its just not cost effective to try to design systems outside of the best practices. if it doesnt work, make it like it should be and change everything else. i find open source to be much more forgiving with port reassignments.

    hope that helps, if not, let us know.
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      Re: OWA on a diferent port

      You cannot use an alternative port for ActiveSync. It is hard coded to port 443.
      Changing ports etc is a waste of time because it will never work. If you have something else that needs to use port 443 you are faced with two solutions.

      1. Second IP address.
      2. Second internet connection.

      You can change the port for OWA, but that will not help ActiveSync.

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        Re: OWA on a diferent port

        3rd solution:

        Reverse Proxy such as Forefront that can listen on a single IP for multiple hostnames on port 443.
        You'll need an SSL certificate that covers ALL the names to bind to the listener.

        Then your rules say "if traffic for send to internalServer1:443"
        or "if taffic for send to internalserver2:443"

        Of course - if your SSL VPN terminates on the router and not inernally, this is a whole differnt game and I'd go back to simon's suggestions.

        (Simon's suggestions may be far faster, quicker, easier and cheaper also)
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