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Exchange 2013 Split DNS access issue

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  • Exchange 2013 Split DNS access issue

    Hi All,
    I'm new to exchange and I wanted to set an on premise Exchange box at home for my family emails. My setup is as follows-

    1) I have just setup a Server 2012 Essentials DC box.

    2) I have a HP Proliant Microserver box that I have installed Server 2012 Standard as the OS with Exchange 2013 on it.

    3) My ISP has me on a dynamic IP address so I am using for forwarding.

    4) I have a website setup on my main Essentials DC box which is accessible from the internet just fine using my domain
    www mydomain-uk .com

    My issues are I can access the OWA using the URL below from within my network ok. However to test access from outside of my network I use my iPhone by switching the WiFi off and I then get an error 404 - File or directory not found. (I also tried access from my work PC with same issue)

    mail.mydomain-uk .com/owa

    I have been playing with this for days trying to get it to work and I am now stuck.

    I followed the TechNet guide to setup Exchange 2013 and setup split DNS with a new zone to forward and to the internal fixed IP address of my Exchange box.
    The reason I believe I need split DNS is because I need to access the following from outside my network and only have one internet connection/Dynamic IP-

    1) //remote.mydomain-uk .com pointing to my Essential DC box with an internal fixed IP for remote access (This works fine!)

    2) mail.mydomain-uk .com/owa pointing to my Exchange box with an internal fixed IP (works from within my network but if I try to connect away from home I get the 404 error.

    I have opened the following ports on the router and tested they are open from the web -

    25 SMTP forward to Exchange Box

    80 HTTP forward to the Essentials DC box

    443 HTTPS forwarded to the Essentials DC box

    Last thing I can add. When testing I have found if I forward 443 directly to the Exchange Box I can access the OWA consol with now problems.

    Have I missed something with the split DNS setup or am I way off?
    Please be easy with me as I’m new to all this and going through a step learning curve.

    Apologises for the long post as I want to ensure you have all the facts.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Exchange 2013 Split DNS access issue

    There are loads more that you need to do.

    This is the guide from Microsoft for integrating your SBS Essentials box and Exchange:

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