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IMAP authentication issues?

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  • IMAP authentication issues?

    Hi, I seem to have run into a rather weird issue with Exchange 2007 SP1. When any of our users try to connect through the internet to our Exchange servers via e IMAP from their home computers, Blackberry or android phones, they all report the same problem. They can connect to the server but they are continually prompted for their username and password. I have verified that I can telnet to either port 143 or 587 from outside of the company without any problems, but every time I try to connect to the Exchange server with a mail client or phone am presented with the same problem again. I have tried with multiple user accounts but to no avail.They can however access their mail through OWA. Does anyone know what could be causing this or of a possible fix?

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    Re: IMAP authentication issues?

    Why are you using IMAP when it is a poor legacy protocol? Your home computer users will get a better experience using OWA than IMAP (calendar access, contacts access etc) if they don't have MS Office and can't use Outlook Anywhere and your smartphone users can use either ActiveSync (Android) or BIS/BESx (Blackberry).

    You are also 2 service packs behind on Exchange, SP3 for Exchange 2007 has been out for some time.

    Leaving that aside, port 587 is for TLS which is a secure protocol yet port 143 is for standard IMAP. Are your clients configured for IMAP or IMAPS which uses port 993?
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      Re: IMAP authentication issues?

      Hi, thanks for the reply. To the best of my knowledge we are using TLS. I inherited the server from our previous admin. There is still a lot that needs to changed and reconfigured and upgraded. I tested with standard IMAP. With TLS I get an error message: The IMAP server issued an unrecognized greeting.