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How many current mailboxes in use?

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  • How many current mailboxes in use?

    I recently took over an Exchange 2007 environment. Exchange Management Console shows 667 objects under mailboxes. This is from many years. There have been many people who left the company or have been fired. We are thinking of moving to hosted Office365, but need to know how many employees/mailboxes are currently in use. With Exchange 2003 I could sort by date last logged in but I don't see that here. I was thinking to use exmon and have it run for 24 hours to get an approximate number but I don't think that is recommended.

    I tried adding the "Last Modified Time" column but it's clearly inaccurate, showing me users that I've emailed in the last few days as a last modified date of February 28th.

    Can someone help me out with this?


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    Re: How many current mailboxes in use?

    You could simply use get-mailboxstatistics in exchange powershell which will return the lastlogontime, you could sort by lastlogontime if you pipe the result into sort with the command
    get-mailboxstatistics | sort lastlogontime -descending

    I can't remember in exchange 2007 if you can list by server
    get-mailboxstatistics -server servername | sort lastlogontime -descending

    if this is not giving you enough detail have a look at this article:

    let me know how you get on.
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