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Outlook attachments missing or not visible

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  • Outlook attachments missing or not visible

    1.)We have two users that are sent an email as part of a distribution list, the other 3 members receive the email with the attachment but the two users receive the email but no attachment. If the two users open OWA they can view the attachment. If one of the 3 users that received the attachment forwards or creates a new mail and sends the attachment that way they both get the mail with the attachment showing.

    One client is MS outlook 2010 the other is outlook 2007, I upgraded the outlook 2007 user to a new pc and it has outlook 2010 and issue still persists

    2.)We have a similar issue with another user in that mails with attachments from one particular external address arrive but no attachment it does however have the paper clip symbol. Checked in OWA and he does not see the attachment either.

    The two users in 1 above are on the same exchange server
    The other user in 2 is on a different exchange server

    Removed and re-created the outlook profiles.
    Checked that plain text or html is used by the sender and recipient.
    Switched off AV on the PC and had the sender send the email as normal
    Exchange 2007 SP2 on both exchange servers

    Any suggestions on what else it could be?