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Outlook 2010 Credentials on Reboot

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  • Outlook 2010 Credentials on Reboot

    I just upgraded from sbs 2003 to sbs 2011 and thus exchange 2003 to exchange 2010. It used to be that when I'd reboot the old server, people would get a little message in the lower right saying connectivity to the exchange server was lost and when it was back up it would say that the connection was back. Now, as soon as the server is down, people get a username and password popup asking them for their credentials to log back onto the server and this does not rectify itself after the server is back up. Their network connectivity icon also says "no internet" even though they do have internet when the server comes back up (not related to exchange obviously). What would be causing this? Does this have anything to do with autodiscover?

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    Re: Outlook 2010 Credentials on Reboot

    Don't reboot the server during the day is the obvious answer, or if you do, ensure everyone is out of Outlook.

    The behaviour you are seeing is what I would expect. Outlook will go offline and will then come back online when you restart or at a next retry interval. That will not be as soon as the server is back, because Windows doesn't know it is.

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      Re: Outlook 2010 Credentials on Reboot

      When I figure it out, I'll post the solution. It's definitely not the expected behavior as it was a much smoother process before the upgrade. I'm not rebooting the server during the day. I reboot at night and people have to restart Outlook or sometimes restart their machines to get it to stop asking for a username/password combo in the mornings. It never did this before. It's a giant pain every time I reboot the server at night because people call asking why it's asking them for a username and password and why it says "no internet". I'll keep looking around. I've seen some posts on this but none with definitive answers.


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        Re: Outlook 2010 Credentials on Reboot

        It looks like my problem is caused by Outlook Anywhere. It is trying to connect via http when it loses LAN connection. Can I just turn this feature off? It won't interfere with people accessing our exchange server through their phones or anything like that, will it? We don't have remote users so to speak but we do have people that check their email via their mobile phones.


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          Re: Outlook 2010 Credentials on Reboot

          Its outlook anywhere. Our's are configured to only use http on slow connections, so it will still work when they are outside the office.