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Outlook issue, if you can suggest a fix you are my hero!

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  • Outlook issue, if you can suggest a fix you are my hero!

    Can anyone advise on this strange Outlook problem that I am facing with 340 mailbox users. We have approx 1500 mailboxes but 350 come under the scope of my current problem that I need to fix.

    I have approx 1200 users approx that are on Exchange 2010 and are working fine on a mix of XP/7 and various Outlook versions. All these users log onto Windows and Outlook as the same user. I am having problems however with approx 350 who do not log onto their Outlook profile with the same AD user as their Windows logon.

    I have 350 machines that logon automatically as the same AD user, they all then run outlook as another user (350 different users). So we have 1 user logged onto 350 PC's but the Outlook profile uses another AD user on each machine for email.

    Clients are running Windows XP and Outlook 2003. We have 340 users on Exchange 2003 and 10 users on Exchange 2010. The 10 that are on Exchange 2010 keep getting prompted for their Outlook password every time they start Outlook. The 340 still on Exchange 2003 are fine. This has meant I have had to stop the exchange 2010 migration while I figure out what the problem is but I'm struggling to find a solution.

    I have tried logging into Windows 7 as one AD user and then launching Outlook as another and it's fine so I suspect there is something going on with Windows XP. I also tried upgrading one XP machine to Outlook 2010 and the same problem occurs which again points to Windows XP as the problem.

    We are using a SAN certificate.

    Can anyone suggest what may be the problem?