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  • My Project - Any pointers or gotcha's


    I've done multiple Exchange 2003 / 2007 transitions in the past, however I've not done one where there already is a 2003/2007 co-existence environment and just want to check there isn't anything extra to watch out for.

    Single Forest, Single Domain, Multiple Sites. There's currently an Exchange 2003 server in one AD site which we will call head office, this server hosts 90% of the mailboxes, is still responsible for OAB generation and this hosts the send connectors. There is currently also an Exchange 2007 server in another site called Manchester, and this server hosts about 10 mailboxes and uses the send connectors on the 2003 server to send mail.

    We are putting a new 2007 Exchange server in headoffice to replcace the 2003 server already in place, I'm going to be installing it with HT/Mailbox/CAS roles and going about my normal process (moving mailboxes from 2003 / 2007 server) over a period of a couple of weeks moving a group of 10 each night. My question is really is there going to be any problems with doing this because there is already an Exchange 2007 server in Manchester or should it all be OK? My plan is to:

    • Install Exchange 2007 at headoffice
    • Configure roles (create MB DB, configure outlook anywhere, configure client access, receive connectors, etc)
    • I am then going to move the mailboxes in groups of 10 each night
    • Not going to move OAB generation server until everybody is moved?
    • Then after all mailboxes are moved I'm going to move the public folders over to the new server and remove the exchange 2003 server with the usual process.

    Should this be OK? Thanks in advance


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    Re: My Project - Any pointers or gotcha's

    The only thing to watch for is going to be the standard things of SSL certificates and Autodiscover. Do ensure that AD Sites and Services is configured correctly and both servers are in their own site and subnet.

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