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On-premise, hosted, and back...

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  • On-premise, hosted, and back...

    Originally, my client had an SBS 2003 server and used Exchange locally (15 users). Since several of the users are strictly Mac users and Exchange 2003 did not support Outlook 2011, they decided to move to a hosted Exchange solution rather than an on-premise migration solution. After using the hosted solution for 8 months, they have decided to move back to on-premise Exchange and migrate to Exchange 2010. In this case, I would be adding a new DC and Exchange 2010 server, and demoting the SBS server to a member server for file server purposes. Yes, Iím leaving out details of how this would be accomplished. I understand what I need to do in this regard, but have a dilemma regarding the Exchange portion.

    My dilemma is whether I should A) uninstall Exchange from the SBS server, migrating to 2008 AD, and create a new organization and new mailboxes when installing Exchange 2010 on the new server, or B) add the new server to the organization and go that route (migrate).

    The Exchange services are all disabled at present and itís not being used at all, so there are no mailboxes that need to be moved and no reason I can think of to do a typical migration. Removing the current Exchange install and making sure that AD is cleared of the current installation, I can do a clean install of Exchange 2010 in the new 2008 domain. Does this make sense to anyone else or am I missing something?

    I will be importing the current mailboxes via PST files into the new mailboxes.

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    Re: On-premise, hosted, and back...

    For this number of users, I would just build a new Forest and Domain and do a regular installation. Bit more work but will give you a clean domain and you can leave all of the junk behind.

    You will be unable to demote the SBS server and use it as a member server, as it is SBS and must be a domain controller (And hold all of the FSMO roles). Therefore your only option would be to purchase another Windows server licence and install standard edition on to the hardware after moving everything off.

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      Re: On-premise, hosted, and back...

      You know, I think you're right. It's quite a bit more work, but worth it overall to have clean installs and no SBS junk in the end. I've got time on this project, so I can get the new domain up, Exchange configured and tested, and then move the users\PC's over and redirect the mail flow.

      Thanks for the suggestion!