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Time Sync changes away from PDC

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  • Time Sync changes away from PDC

    I have a Server 2003 AD DS(DC1) & PDC(DC2). My Exchange Server 2010 gets it's time from the PDC(DC2) and does the AD DS(DC1).

    I checked all the servers. The PDC(DC2) is the reliable time server and is getting time from TIME.NIST.GOV. DC1 and Exchange are both getting time from the PDC(DC2).

    Two weeks ago I added a new server and DCPROMO'd it up as a member server. Last week I rebooted my Exchange server and it went to the new server (DC3) for time...

    The Exchange server would not mount the database and reported that the time was not synced (even though the time is correct).

    I powered off the new server and rebooted the Exchange Server and it went back to the PDC(DC2) for time and mounted the database.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Re: Time Sync changes away from PDC

    Set your 3rd DC to get its time from the PDC.