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BackupExec always restore DB in Dirty Shutdown state

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  • BackupExec always restore DB in Dirty Shutdown state

    Hello all,

    I have Exchange 2007 and BackupExec 2010 R3 (V13.0 Rev 5204).
    Every time I'm trying to mount the database after successful restore procedure from any backup (and I have about 60 of them for the last two years), it won't be mounted in Restore Group. It shows Error -550 that mean "Dirty Shutdown" state. Sure I need to make repairs with eseutil each time, but I think it is enough!
    Please tell me how can I be sure I back-up the database in "Clean Shutdown" state to prevent using eseutil in the future. The size of DB is now about 172 GB and every operation of eseutil takes a painfully long time.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: BackupExec always restore DB in Dirty Shutdown state

    In your restore make select
    Purge existing data and restore only the database and transaction logs from the backup sets
    Commit after restore completes (Optional - This will commit the logs to the database if selected)
    "If Commit after restore completes is selected for the restore

    job, the log and patch files in the temporary location are
    applied to the database, and then the current log files are
    applied. After the restore is complete, the log and patch files
    are automatically deleted from the temporary location
    (including any subdirectories)."