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exch 2010 add domain admins Permissions

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  • exch 2010 add domain admins Permissions

    Dear all,

    I'm in the middle of migrate from 2003 to 2010 and I noticed that
    I cannot open 2010 mailboxes in my admin outlook.

    I need to go one by one and add permissions to domain admins in specific mailbox.

    Is there options like 2003 to give domain admins permissions to all exchange tree?


    Roey Werner.

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    Re: exch 2010 add domain admins permissions

    Domain Admins are specifically blocked from having permissions to all mailboxes. If you add the permissions then Exchange will take them away.

    You should move to the split mailbox model, where you have an Admin account a regular user account. The regular user account can then have the permissions.
    Although you probably don't want full mailbox access to all mailboxes - if you do it through EMC then you will find that all mailboxes will get mapped in Outlook automatically by Autodiscover.

    Finally the admins need access to all mailboxes "need" is a pet hate of mine. I have been administrating Exchange servers for almost ten years, never have I needed or asked for that permission to do my job. I grant the permissions on demand and with the permission of the user. Once I have done what I need to do I remove the permission. That way my access is audited and when something happens to the mailbox with content being read/deleted/moved I cannot be held to blame because I didn't have permissions. Furthermore for many of my clients, having blanket permissions to all mailboxes without express permission from each user is actually illegal.

    Simon Butler
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