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  • Exchange 2007 to 2010

    Hi all I need help. Im one of the guys who is still behind with Exchange platform.
    I have 2 exchange 2007 servers

    1.Its CAS for our web outlook and the name of the server is call To access the web Outlook on the Url is (..
    2.Its my mailbox server with 1 database and mailboxes

    Both these servers are running Windows 2008R2 with Exchange 2007 SP3, everything is running smoothly

    Im in the phase where I need to upgrade my exchange servers, the plan is to use the same consept of having 2 servers, the 1 must be CAS and the other must be Mailbox

    I just implemented Exchange 2010 SP1 (With Mailbox role) and attempted to move mailboxes from 2007 to 2010 then got error that no CAS server found in the 2010 platform.Then I had to install CAS role in the Exchange 2010 with no internet facing. Now Im able to move mailboxes to 2010. (Happy days)

    Problems: The users which I migrated to exchange 2010 cant use owa (.. it gives error. But they can use the local 2010 owa. They can read mails etc. These guys are less priority for now, they are accommodating to have this issue sorted with no pressure.

    My worry is I cant proceed yet as I have users all over the continent who use (..

    How can I able the users who are on exchange 2010 to able to use (.. Same as users who are still in exchange 2007,

    Server names (Exchange 2007) CAS (Exchange 2007) Mailbox (Exchange 2010) Mailbox, CAS

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    Re: Exchange 2007 to 2010

    Exchange 2010 doesn't proxy to Exchange 2007 for OWA, all it can do is redirect.
    Therefore if you want to run a co-existance platform, you need to have two unique URLs, and two unique IP addresses to run SSL.

    The URL on Exchange 2007 would be a legacy URL. All users would login to Exchange 2010 and then get redirected.

    I think you need to go back to technet and read the migration and co-existance documentation, it explains all of this.

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