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Incoming Mail Stopped Exchange 2010

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  • Incoming Mail Stopped Exchange 2010


    I seem to have an email problem all of a sudden my incoming mail just stopped. Outgoing mail does work. I have checked all the services and they are all running, the mailbox DB is mounted.

    I ran the Mail low troubleshooter and get a fat error on it with no explanation.

    I've checked DNS and couldn't identify any problems
    I disabled IPv6 in the registry (Windows 2008 r2 BTW
    I flushed the DNS cache per a suggestion ion one of the event id's

    App log Event Id's

    3154 MSexchRepl
    2102 MsExAcess
    2103 MsExAcess
    8365 MsExchAL
    4999 MsExch Common
    0006 MSEchCMDLets (lots of them)

    System Log
    7038 Service Contol Mgr
    7001 Service Contol Mgr
    7001 Service Contol Mgr
    1006 Group Policy
    4321 Netbt Interesting one

    The name "INTERNAL DOMAIN NAME :1d" could not be registered on the interface with IP address (SERVER IP) The computer with the IP address (OFFICE DESKTOP IP) did not allow the name to be claimed by this computer.

    I ran DCDiag thinking it has something to do with the GC or AD but no significant errors. Other than a Sysvol Share could cause GP problems.

    The Exchange Server is located on the DC itself.

    I've researched some of these errors and continue to do so but so far no luck....Any suggestions on what to try next? No changes were just stopped.

    I keep thinking its something in AD but there are no errors in the Directory Services Log....any ideas on what to do or look at next" It's been going on 4 days now....

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    Re: Incoming Mail Stopped Exchange 2010

    Looks like I may have the problem resolved....seems like Comcast changed my IP
    Last edited by Merlin_78704; 8th November 2012, 17:29.