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subdomain can't receive mail external (exchange2007)

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  • subdomain can't receive mail external (exchange2007)

    Hi all,

    i had search and read all thread about exchange 2007 in petri but i still can't solve my problem.

    let me explain detail about my exchange:
    1. we have existing exchange 2007 sp2 with topology one edge transport server in dmz and one server exchange (hub,client,mailbox) used for its run well until now.

    2. AD in win2k3 ent

    3. OS win2k3 ent

    last month we decide to create subdomain mail ( for new department. we succeed create subdomain AD.

    i run this all step in main AD:
    - Setup /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions
    -Setup /PrepareSchema
    -Setup /PrepareDdomain
    -setup /preparedomain:""

    all finish with succeed so i move on install exchange 2007 for subdomain in new server. After finish i just add this server name in source server - send connectors. i didn't setting other role.

    now we can send receive from internal to internal , can send using to external. but receive from external to fail.

    nb: * still run normally now without error for external & internal mail.

    did i miss something in creating edge transport or hub transport or anything. should i install new edge server to this subdomain?

    any comments will very appreciated. thanks

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    Re: subdomain can't receive mail external (exchange2007)

    The WINDOWS sub domain has nothing to do with the EMAIL sub domain.
    Therefore if you want to receive email on then you need MX records for and the domain listed in Accepted Domains.
    Exchange doesn't really care about the WINDOWS domain, it operates at the forest level. Therefore the problem is unlikely to be anything connected to the WINDOWS sub domain and all about the email domain.

    Although if the server is in a second location and / or subnet, then ensure that you have AD Sites and Services setup correctly.

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