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Migrating from Exch 2003 to Exch 2010 in new domain

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  • Migrating from Exch 2003 to Exch 2010 in new domain

    We had an email outage for 3 days a few weeks ago due to a hardware failure in our Exchange box. Upset management enough that I was able to secure approval for some upgrades in our systems here.

    Our computer and user accounts, file servers, etc, all exist in domain domainA, with Windows 2008 Server Std as primary DC, with a Windows 2000 Server running as a backup DC.

    I currently have Exchange 2003 Std running on Windows Server 2003 Std in it's own domain (domainB). For every user account in the domainA domain, there exists an identically named account in the domainB domain, which had stricter password policies in place. There is also a smtp gateway running postfix/amavis for anti-spam and av scanning, greylisting, and email address verification, but changing the postfix configuration to support the new exchange server(s) is not difficult.

    I've purchased 2 new servers, 2 copies of Exchange 2010 Std, all our CAL's, and 2 copies of Windows Server 2012 Std (using downgrade rights to install 2008 R2 Ent instead for failover clustering), and a Kemp LM-2200 hardware load balancer. Goal is to create new Exchange DAG on the two new servers, within our primary domainA domain and do away with the domainB domain.

    I believe the steps I'll need to take are to:

    1) Install the 2008 R2 on both servers, add them to domainA as member servers
    2) Prep the domainA domain for exchange 2010
    3) Add all required server features on new servers via powershell
    3b) Set the two networks on new servers, one for mapi, other for replication
    4) Install CAS role on both new servers

    Some point after this, I need to:
    5) Install my other Exchange 2010 roles (transport, message store) on the servers
    5b) Create my DAG and add the message stores
    6) Configure the hardware load balancer

    And finally, moving everything over, I need to:
    7) Exmerge export my mailboxes from domainB exchange box
    Import mailboxes to corresponding user account names in domainA via powershell

    There are some points I'm not clear on. I understand how to move over the mailboxes well enough I think, but not sure how to go about migrating our public folders. They all have varying permissions, some are not accessible except for small subset of users, etc. So ExMerge seems to be out, unless I do that and then just move through and reset new permissions on every folder.

    Also, the hardware load balancer will be the http interface for OWA, OA, SMTP, etc, and will have a fqdn and ip address accessible to internet. Does the CAS array also need a separate fqdn and ip address?

    Do I have the order messed up, or left anything really important out? I've read blogs and howto's on setting up DAG on two boxes, plus setting up the file share witness on 3rd server. I've read how to set up the hardware load balancer to support the two exchange servers. I've read how to migrate mailboxes, and read differing articles on moving the public folders. None of the blogs have fit my situation exactly however.

    Any advice, suggestions, or pointing out flaws in my approach would be much appreciated!



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    Re: Migrating from Exch 2003 to Exch 2010 in new domain

    Additional information:

    The hardware load balancer will be handling all the SSL encryption/decryption, so the exchange boxes won't have to. It will contain the ssl certificate for the fqdn of the web access, and be the http and oa access point from the internet.

    A number of the public folders are email address enabled (our website contact us forms send directly to public folder acct, things like that). Those accounts don't exist on primary domain currently, assume I set those up same way I did on the exchange 2003 system.

    5 of my users have mailboxes over the 1.8gb limit for the exchange pst export. They've been given notice to reduce size prior to the move. If they don't, I assume I can still export to pst directly from their outlook 2003 client, and then after reconnecting to new exchange message store, moving that data back into new mailbox?

    Finally, I don't see a way I can do this in stages, moving small group of users at a time. I plan on spending a Sunday up here when office is closed to make the final migration, and then spending the next Monday reconfiguring everyone's Outlook profiles to connect to the new exchange system. Everyone is still running Outlook 2003 also, but this shouldn't cause any issues with Exchange 2010, correct?

    - Bryan


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      Re: Migrating from Exch 2003 to Exch 2010 in new domain

      Public Folders you have two options only.
      Neither option will bring permissions across, so they will have to be recreated manually.

      Option 1: Export to PST file through Outlook, then import.
      Option 2: Use Outlook 2010 to connect to account on both servers at the same time, then move the content between the orgs through Outlook.

      Neither is quick and both require manual work.

      The RPC CAS Array should have its own unique URL that resolves internally, but can use the same IP address as everything else on the load balancer. That URL does not (and should not) be in the SSL certificate.

      For the five users who have large mailboxes, you could move the content in the same way as option 2, so have both accounts running at the same time. If you have Outlook 2010 everywhere then you could do that as the migration for everything, rather than going down the PST route. For small numbers of users it works well, although a little labour intensive.

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