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exchange email policies (2nd email address)

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  • exchange email policies (2nd email address)

    Hi, my first post here on the forums, so hi

    I have recently started at a new company, and the new project they have given me is to set up the users new email adddress.

    They have one with [email protected]

    they now have and want emails to come to both address'

    I have set up an mx record to point from to go to (is that right)

    I then created an authorative accepted domain on my old domain exchange (for

    then I created an email address policy on the olddomain exchange, for the

    if I do this, will both email address's still work?

    how will users be able to pick which email address they are sending from?

    anything else I have missed out, or any other information you want to add would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance


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    Re: exchange email policies (2nd email address)

    okay, I did all of the above, and staff are receving the emails, but when they send emails they still come from

    there are about 30 staff at the company, and only 10 need to send emails from this new address.

    How can I set it so they send emails from the new address?

    thanks again


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      Re: exchange email policies (2nd email address)

      You need to set the new email address as the Default email address. What are you using, Exchange 2007 or 2010? Either way, use EMC and go to the properties of their user accounts and set the new email address as default (can't remember exact name off the top of my head) You can also amend the Address Policy to ensure the relevant address is the Primary.