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Can't Purge Disconnected Mailbox

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  • Can't Purge Disconnected Mailbox

    I have an annoying issue that I can't seem to get corrected.

    1) Moved a 2003 mailbox to my new 2010 server. Move was successful, but operation was not able to remove the source mailbox on the 2003 server.

    2) I removed the mailbox completely for the user on 2010. Went back to 2003, still can't purge the old mailbox.

    3) Re-created mailbox on 2010, re-imported PST, everything working perfectly from the user perspective.

    Daily Exchange maintenance still will not purge the old disconnected 2003 mailbox, and get the following two event ID's:

    The folder with folder ID 1-69FE78 could not be deleted. Additional information: 0x8004010f.

    Failed to delete the mailbox of {Mailbox} with error 0x8004010f.

    Any ideas on how I can get this to purge out?

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    Re: Can't Purge Disconnected Mailbox

    This is also being displayed every 40 minutes on the 2003 server. I'm pretty positive that this is the GUID of the original 2003 mailbox:

    Unable to update Mailbox SD in the DS. Mailbox Guid: 08ab4d33-004f-4e2d-af5f-4ac996037a30. Error Code 0x8004010f


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      Re: Can't Purge Disconnected Mailbox

      Problem solved. I just finished moving all the mailboxes over to 2010 and just wacked the mailbox store on 2003.