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Access Denied using Queue Viewer and Get-Queue Exchange 2010

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  • Access Denied using Queue Viewer and Get-Queue Exchange 2010

    I have an Exchange 2010 server running on 2008 R2. I can manage everything I want but the queues. The account is a member of Domain Admin, Enterprise Admins, Schema Admins, Exchange Org Management & Exchange Server Management groups. I have created a new user and get the same problem. This happens with Queue Viewer and Exchange Powershell using the Get-Queue cmdlet. I have checked the NTFS permissions on the Queue folder for any abnormal permissions, such as a deny, and all look fine.

    Most references on Google point to Exchange 2007 and being corrected with SP1 or the user not being a member of the Exchange Org Management Group.

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    I know this is old, but just for others to find what my solutions was. I had the same problem checking permissions and all of the above. Another earlier problem with the transport service not starting gave me an idea. Transport wouldn't start because the ipfilter edb database was corrupt. I deleted that database and transport service started. Then later I ran into this problem and - after a ton of searching - finally thought to delete the queue database. That was indeed the problem, it was corrupt and causing this access denied error. This is a fresh install so I don't have mail running through other than testing, so it may not be a good idea on a production system.