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Outlook gives internal exchange certificate error.

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  • Outlook gives internal exchange certificate error.


    I made a mistake a few months back of not ordering a UCC/SAN cert for an exchange & instead ordered a standard cert.

    Which means owa, outlook anywhere & active sync clients are ok. But those on outlook on my terminal server get an internal certificate error.

    When I look at the error it says the name of the server ( e.g. myserver.local) at the top, but in the certificate issuer statement , it says my external certificate name (e.g. .

    This is someone elses screen shot, but its pretty much the same message.

    I notice that when I look at outlook test configuration on a working server, it say it's connecting to, where as the server that has an issue, is connecting to https://myserver.local/autodiscover

    How do I make outlook look to ?

    I gather this will make the internal cert message go away?

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    Re: Outlook gives internal exchange certificate error.

    This is an Exchange setting, nothing to do with the server Outlook is installed on.

    When you do an autodiscover test it will tell you what URL it is connecting to. The most common one that is missed is AutodiscoverServiceInternalURI which is on set-clientaccessserver. I would check that is set correctly to match the name on the certificate.

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      Re: Outlook gives internal exchange certificate error.

      What is the process/procedure for that?