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Mail forwarding at domain level

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  • Mail forwarding at domain level

    Hi All,

    First of all just like to say - this site is amazing! Used it so many times although was during work hours so couldn't register to say thank you to everyone here - so thanks!

    Secondly, I have a question.

    I want to forward all emails from one exchange server to another. Basically exchange server X is dedicated and I would like to put the MX preferences on there, yet forward all emails for over to another exchange server which IP changes occasionally, so was going to use dyndns or to configure a dynamic domain name.

    So in short, my objective is Exchange 2010 - Server01 will receive emails and then push them across to another exchange 2010 server - Server02.

    These exchange servers are in completely different networks.

    Is this possible?

    Many thanks all,


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    Re: Mail forwarding at domain level

    Configure the domain as an Accepted Domain, type External Relay Domain.
    Then configure a Send Connector for that Domain Space and point it at the required address.

    Why not send the email directly? If the server has a dynamic IP address that isn't a problem, just use dyndns et al and configure the MX record with the dynamic DNS host name instead.

    The External Relay Domain is really designed for using Exchange as a gateway, where the domain listed is hosted by another server that cannot see the Internet. All you are ding in this scenario is adding an additional hop, and by doing so you lose the most basic anti-spam feature of recipient validation at point of delivery. Most servers I work on drop between 50 and 60% of email because they are going to users who do not exist - if you put another server in the way, then you could be processing a lot of email that you don't want, and wasting the bandwidth.

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