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Exchange 2003-2010 Upgrade - Ready to Turn Off 2003

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  • Exchange 2003-2010 Upgrade - Ready to Turn Off 2003

    Having had a very problematic and drawn out upgrade from 2003 to 2010, I am now (I think) in a position to decomission the 2003 box.

    All mailboxes are now on the 2010 box and users with iPhones/iPads are pointing to the new box as well as the MX records.

    To test, I turned off my 2k3 box and ran some tests. Everything seems to flow fine and no users reported any errors or delays etc.

    We do use public folders, which are currently synchronised between 2003 and 2010, so I am not sure what to do with these now.

    Also, what is the best way to take 2003 out of the network?

    And finally, the box 2003 sits on is much newer/faster than the one my 2010 is built on. Once 2003 is gone I want to move 2010 over to that box which I will rebuild from the ground up). What is the best procedure for moving 2k10 from one box to another?


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    Re: Exchange 2003-2010 Upgrade - Ready to Turn Off 2003

    Follow the guide on Technet for removing Exchange 2003.

    For the move to a new build of Exchange 2010 - do you have an RPC CAS Array in place? If not then it will involve quite a bit of work.
    You basically build the new box, replicate public folders, move the OAB generation server and then move the mailboxes.
    However unlike with Exchange 2003, the Outlook clients will not update their Exchange server automatically because the server they are connecting to is still valid. You have two options to get them to move.
    1. Touch every client to "Repair" their Outlook profile.
    2. Remove Exchange 2010 from the old server and then cross your fingers that autodiscover works correctly to force the client to update.

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